6 Actionable Ideas To Increase Website Engagement
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6 Actionable Ideas To Increase Website Engagement

Website engagement is probably the first aspect every online website is concerned about. To be a successful and popular brand, you need to have good website engagement. It will determine the progress of your brand and how much people love your brand. The more the website is interesting and attractive, the more people will engage with it.

You have to make sure that your website is easy to use for the visitors and they enjoy and absorb what they see, this will help your website get more engagement and decrease the bounce rate.

Make a strategy that will help you improve your website user interface and people feel like spending time on your website. You have to keep in mind that you need to provide them such an experience that they don’t choose any other website over yours.

Reduce page load time

I suppose you might have also experienced this yourself. You think a website might be interesting, you click on it, you wait for it to load but it is taking so much time that in the end, you give up and close the page. This will also make sure that you never try to open the same website again because you had such a bad experience with it.

I am sure you would definitely not want your website visitors to go through the same experience and therefore, you should try to keep your page load time the least. You can conduct speed tests using different tools and remove unnecessary and slowing down elements from your website to increase the speed.

Incorporate User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content is the content created and shared by the users in favor of a brand on social media. This content is voluntarily shared without any form of monetary transaction involved. It can be in any form such as images, videos, blogs, GIFs, tweets and everything in between.

UGC provides brands the ability to be diverse and vibrant with their content. As UGC comes from the users, it is in real life situations and backgrounds which gives the content vibrancy and diversity. It is also more relatable to the users as they are not posts from some models but from people that are among them. If you decide to integrate UGC with your website you can get great user engagement.

Simple navigation

When you reach a website, sometimes you know exactly what you want but there are times you want to explore the options and then choose. It is very necessary that the website is designed in a way that people can easily find out what they want. Otherwise, they don’t usually stay on the website and leave.

This increases the bounce rate and decreases the dwell time and user engagement. You can go for a simple navigation bar on the top with proper categorization so that your users can easily navigate their way through.

Social shares

Almost all the people who use the internet are on social media. Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives. Everybody uses social media to express themselves to the world.

If you decide to publicize your brand or website on social media, it will definitely come into notice and you will be able to drive traffic to your website. Social media has a traffic of almost 3.5 billion and this makes it a great platform to share your website to the users.

Be mobile friendly

In this tech savvy generation, most of the people use mobile phones to use the internet nowadays and it is necessary that they can access your website with their mobile phones as well. It gets very important as everything is so handy now that everybody wants to utilize their cellphones.

Studies also say that a lot of traffic on websites comes from cellphones and it is expected to rise with time. So make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Chat box

Almost all websites are using Chat box for connecting to their users on their homepage. The Chat box is live and AI based. You can add a name and photo of someone so that the visitors don’t feel it is automated and can easily ask their queries. Also, you should make sure that the bots reply fast and don’t make the user wait, the user might get frustrated and leave the website.

Chat box also increases the dwell time and makes your website more engaging for the users. You should definitely go for it if you have not done it.


As I have already mentioned that website engagement is quite important for a website and it determines how well your website is performing. I have suggested a few actionable ideas that can help you with your problem of website engagement and get you good results.

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and make sure you make your engagement game a hit!