How is Computer Science Changing the World

How is Computer Science Changing the World

Ever since it has come into existence, computer has changed the entire world. The concept of business, work culture to information technology, all have been made to change with the advent of computer technology. In the initial stage computer was used to weather forecasting simply by calculations and observations but today the entire concept of forecasting is changed and we can now predict the weather like never before. This has immensely help the mankind from loss of lives and property by natural calamity and other unforeseen circumstances. Research and technology evolution has developed a new role even in biology, communication, data computing technology and through digital transformation revolution. There are inspirational studies from steam engine to combustible engine. The automobile industry used the tools, materials and skills used in steam engine as platform to develop a new world of transportation.

In the late 1970s and 1980s tremendous advancement has been observed in developing computers and affordable cheap and storage of networking. Networking system firstly used in the university computer science departments and there evolve a collaborative development of software. At the emergence of these networking devices at the collaboration of communities by common operating system, the notion of software changed dramatically. The network became more uniform and interconnected, thus creating a global inter linking and a digital traffic infrastructure. It increases in computing power capacity and thereby set aside storage to host repositories for worldwide acceptance. The internet was used not only to send mails and chatting and it became an exchange mechanism for data.

In the 1990s there came a system for storing documents in the internet called as web came into being. Through this people started writing documents for online publication, called as web pages. This has entirely transformed the society and has become a platform for interactions. These systems are evaluated by the confluence and arrival on the web a sizeable number of users without which search engines would not work. So, human actions are also a part of this system. For example, traffic data, banking transactions, social media etc. are part of this system.

Software which runs on a computer is different from rapid interaction with the human world, and necessitates different kind of technologies. There are bits of information that explodes in the internet every day and due to this, new jobs like data base management and creation of software do exist. A person who wants to know all these in detail he has to get a computer degree. A postgraduate course in computer is Masters in Computer Science. State of Purpose is a part or process of PG application. This exemplifies a student’s profile details in a nut shell. A MS degree in Computer Science needs a Sample SOP for MS in CS.

The fastest growing jobs like forensic science and statisticians depend on the process of information quickly. A person can hold the key of success if he can find a meaningful way to help the process of creating software. Mostly science relies on mathematics to be able to find the statistical probability of problems. Computer Science has the role to play. Without going out from home scientists can share the information with colleagues and can settle a big projects.

Creative arts like pictures, videos and documents have got impetus through computer science. It has given us a gift of communicating ourselves through emails. It has completely changed the narratives of the mode of communications and the way we participate in the scientific process. There are new emerging technologies which can change the entire world completely. Virtual reality and augmented reality can the rule the world in the next decade. The basic concept or the key aspects of computer science is the concept of reuse. All programmers from all over the world together contribute standard implementation of public utilities. Hind end computer hardware is able to realistic 3D graphics in computer animation and games. The next course of computer hardware technology will be of quantum computing with hardware which can compute multiple data simultaneously. The nature of software engineering changes from object oriented programming to the machine learning and scripting. In the near future almost all jobs will require some knowledge of computer programming and skill required for software engineering and thus the subject of computer science will become very important and specialized course.