Benefits of Having an App Like Uber

Benefits of Having an App Like Uber

Imagine yourself in the time period of 90’s. When there were no smart phones, no apps and the world was fairly in need of more human in put than now. The app industry has revolutionized many things in this world and the transportation industry has totally been changed since Uber and apps like Uber has have been launched in the market. In recent years the ways of personal transportation have totally been changed.

Before Uber made its debut an average citizen had to take public transportation for going to work, for going to school and for any other purpose. Now, imagine yourself trying to go to work on a rainy day and you have to take the subway to work. Imagine how crowded the subways are on such days and all the mud that you have to go through, getting your shoes dirty in the process and practically feeling stressed on such days while getting to work. Now, people have a choice and most of us prefer booking an Uber in a situation like this. In fact most of us prefer taking an Uber over driving ourselves. It saves us the trouble to drive to traffic areas.

Now there are many advantages of booking a ride from Uber and other apps like Uber as compare to taking public transport or even booking a traditional taxi. If you’re someone who is looking to create an app like Uber then I suggest you should wait no more because there are many benefits for people who will be using the app and some of them are as follows:

Convenience: The best part about booking a ride through Uber is that you can book a ride with a single tap on your smart phone. As long as you have an internet connection than no matter where you are you always have a ride ready for you, all you have to do is book it. Another really great thing about it is that your ride gets to you with in a couple of minutes of you booking it. Now you no longer have to wait for hours on the street and keep calling for cabs because you can simply book an Uber.

Credit facility: Now, there have been many occasions when I was somewhat short on cash and had forgotten about it. And I got a cab and realized that I didn’t have the whole amount in my wallet. First of all it got really embarrassing for me and secondly I had to arrange the remaining amount because the cab driver kept on breathing down my neck and kept asking for it. In Uber this has never happened because you can link your credit card or your debit card with your account and in case of not having cash on hand you can easily have the amount deducted from your bank account which saves you from a lot of awkward and embarrassing situations and from a lot of hassle. You can simply pay through your card and you will receive your payment receipts by an email.

Professionalism: In most big cities the cars used by Uber drivers are mostly well maintained and are of latest models. You get professional service when you book a ride with an air conditioned car. Once you book the ride and put in you pick up and drop off location you can also see the estimated amount charges that you will pay plus you can also track your ride and also rate your driver. This rating system has made sure that most unprofessional people who don’t have good manners or good customer service are taken out of the system all together. With the drivers knowing that their performance is being scrutinized by their passengers they also take extra care of the fact that they keep their customers comfortable and satisfied during the ride. If a driver gets a low rating and continuously shows a bad performance they are forced out of the Uber system.

This professionalism is there because in most big cities most drivers who are driving are average citizens who are aware of the fact that they need to give their customers a positive customer experience and keep them feeling safe, comfortable and contented from their behavior at all times during the ride.

Uber is not only a safe and comfortable way of travelling for passengers but it also looks out for its drivers as well. Not only are the drivers are being rated by the passengers but the driver also gets to rate the customer or passenger as well. Rude and aggressive passengers who make a fuss about things that might not be true also get forced out of the Uber system by getting negative ratings from drivers.

Flexible working hours: unlike a traditional taxi driver who mostly work in a 12 hour shift an Uber driver has the liberty of working whenever they feel they have the time. The drivers enjoy a great level of freedom in this regard and they can switch off their smart phone apps whenever they want to stop getting their rides. And being able to work in the hours of choice makes it easier for the driver to keep a very composed and professional behavior when they are taking the ride. With flexible working hours the drivers also stay happy and satisfied with their job giving them a higher likelihood of keeping their job for a longer period of time.