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The 2014 Senatorial Scholarship Application is Now Available

Dear Scholarship Applicant:

Please find the application for the 2014 "Jerry E. Miller Memorial Scholarship" below.  To be eligible, the student must be a District 11 resident pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the state of Maryland. If you would like consideration for an award, send a complerted application to my office no later than April 12,2014. Email is the preferred method of receiving applications.

A complete application includes:

                 1) The form below filled out in its entirety

                 2) A personal statement in either word or pdf format

                 3) You may also include any other supporting materials (transcripts,  resumes, etc.)

You must also submit your FAFSA application before March 1. You may apply for the FAFSA on-line at  

My Scholarship Committee will review all applications and make recommendations for awards based on your academic achievement, and the standards of financial need suggested by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Maryland generally limits its Senatorial Scholarships to those students attending school in the State of Maryland. However, applicants who choose to attend school out of state may still meet the criteria for eligibility for a Senatorial Scholarship if they enroll in an academic program that Maryland does not offer. If you feel your academic program may qualify, please contact the Maryland Higher Education Commission as soon as possible to have your major certified as "unique."

If you receive a scholarship, the State Scholarship Administration, as well as my office, will notify you. I look forward to receiving your completed application by April 12, 2014. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (410) 841-3131.


Send completed applications to: Janet Eckman


Mail completed applications to: Senator Bobby Zirkin                                      


                                             11 Bladen St

                                             301 James Senate Office Building

                                             Annapolis, MD 21401



Scholarship application 2014.doc29.5 KB